Executive Board

The Executive Board is the executive body of the Union and it consists of all Montenegrin Mayors. The Executive Board includes the President, Vice-President and 9 members elected by the Assembly among mayors – its members. The Assembly is summoned and chaired by the President of the Executive Board, or, if the President is detained or absent, the Executive Board is summoned and chaired by the vice-president. The Executive Board makes decisions if more than half of the total number of its members are present, by the majority of votes of present members, unless according to the Statute a qualified majority is determined for making particular decisions. In exceptional cases, the Executive Board can make decisions by written statement of members. When particular member of the Executive Board does not participate in the work of the Executive Board for a longer time period,  the Executive Board can suggest to the Assembly his/her dismissal and election of a new member. The term of office of the Executive Board is 2 years.

The Executive Board:

executes decisions and conclusions of the Assembly;

proposes working program of the Union;

establishes permanent and other working bodies;

ensures that the aims of the Union are realized;

makes the decision to organize professional consultative meetings, seminars, forums, lectures and other forms of activities of the Union in accordance with the Union working program;

ensures that international cooperation is realized;

ensures that relations of the Union with adequate international organizations are established;

suggests to the Assembly to make decisions to become a member of international associations;

determines proposal of the Statute of the Union and of other general enactments;

gives consent for the enactment on organization and systematization of work posts in the Union Secretariat;

based of a public announcement, appoints and dismisses the Secretary General, upon the consent of the Union Assembly;

makes decisions to initiate publishing activities and publish the Union bulletin;

appoints the editor and members of the editorial staff of the bulletin and other publications;

makes suggestion on the amount of membership fee;

makes decision on granting the status of an honorary member;

makes decision on awards and recognitions for contribution to the development and improvement of the Union aims;

proposes Financial plan and Financial statement of the Union;

performs other activities of interest for realizing the aims and work of the Union bodies which are not under the authority of the Assembly.

Current president of the Executive Board is Mr. Miodrag Mugoša, Mayor of the Capital City of Podgorica.

Members of the Executive Board




Mr. Miomir Mugoša, medical doctor, EB President, Mayor of the Capital City of Podgorica +382.20.664.333 pggradonacelnik@t-com.me
Mr. Aleksandar Žurić, EB Vice-President, Mayor of the Municipality of
Bijelo Polje
Mr. Srđan Mašović, Mayor of the Municipality of Andrijevica +382.51.230.690 so_andrijevica@t-com.me
Mr. Žarko Pavićević, Mayor of the Municipality of Bar +382.30.301.403 opstinabar@bar.me
Mr. Vuka Golubović, Mayor of the Municipality of Berane +382.51.231.973 predsjednik@berane.co.me
Mr. Lazar Rađenović, Mayor of the Municipality of Budva +382.33.451.211 kabinet.so.bd@t-com.me
Mr. Branislav Đuranović, Mayor of the Municipality of Danilovgrad +382.20.812.022 sodanilovgrad@t-com.me
Mr. Isailo Šljivančanin, Mayor of the Municipality of Žabljak +382.52.360.102 sozabljak@t-com.me
Mr. Darko Brajušković, Mayor of the Municipality of Kolašin +382.20.865.760 opstina.kolasin@t-com.me
Mrs. Marija Ćatović, Mayor of the Municipality of Kotor +382.32.325.862 kabinet.kotor@t-com.me
Mr. Dejan Medojević, Mayor of the Municipality of Mojkovac +382.50.470.272 opstinamojkovac@t-com.me
Mr. Nebojša Radojičić, Predsjednik Mayor of the Municipality of Nikšić +382.40.213.072 predsjedniknk@t-com.me
Mr. Orhan Šahmanović, Mayor of the Municipality of Plav +382.51.251.420 predsjednikplav@t-com.me
Mr. Mijuško Bajagić, Mayor of the Municipality of Plužine +382.40.271.103 opstinapluzine@t-com.me
Mr. Miloje Pupović, Mayor of the Municipality of Pljevlja +382.52.321.305 opstinapv@t-com.me
Mr. Nusret Kalač, Mayor of the Municipality of Rožaje +382.51.270.430 opstina_rozaje@t-com.me
Mr. Miodrag Kankaraš, Mayor of the Municipality of Tivat +382.32.671.225 tivat@t-com.me
Mr. Nazif Cungu, Mayor of the Municipality of Ulcinj +382.30.412.050 sef.kabineta@t-com.me
Mr. Dejan Mandić, Mayor of the Municipality of Herceg Novi +382.31.321.564 kabinet@hercegnovi.me
Mr. Aleksandar Bogdanović, Mayor of the Royal Capital of Cetinje +382.41.231.755 gradonacelnik@cetinje.me
Mr. Miomir Vujačić, Mayor of the Municipality of Šavnik +382.40.266.103 sosavnik@t-com.me