About the Union

The Union of Municipalities of Montenegro is a national association of local authorities of  Montenegro.

The aims of the Union are:

 to develop local democracy and realize common interests of local government units;

 to improve organization, work and functioning of local government;

 to create conditions for developing various forms of cooperation in all areas of local communities work in Montenegro;

 to cooperate with international organizations and local government unions.

The activities of the Union are:

 to develop and improve the legal system and the position of local government;

 to improve and develop areas regarding communal and residential issues, urban planning, construction, traffic development, road maintenance; economic and non-economic activities and other areas in the authority of local government;

 to accomplish mutual cooperation between local governments in order to realize jointly local population interests;

 to represent common local government interests in front of state bodies and other domestic and international entities;

 to participate in hearings and give opinions and suggestions regarding laws and other regulations identifying relations important for local population;

 to cooperate with international organizations of local governments and other international organizations;

 to realize international cooperation with local governments of other countries and regions;

 to develop and improve education and culture of citizens and local government officials;

 to carry out publishing activities;

 to perform other activities of interest for members of the Union.


Statute of the Union (.pdf)

Union Assembly

Executive Board

Supervisory Board

Secretary General of the Union

Secretary General Assistant

Council and Committees of the Union