Training on the topic “Development and Management of the Projects”

obuke bijelo polje Training on the topic “Development and Management of the Projects” took place from 24 to 26 December 2014 and from 14 to 16 January 2015 in Bijelo Polje. Training was organized by the Union of Municipalities of Montenegro, with the support of the Human Resources Management Authority, at the request of local governments from northern region of Montenegro.
The aim of the training is to improve the capacity of local governments in the northern region of Montenegro for the preparation and management of projects financed from IPA funds.
The first part of the training was attended by 17 representatives and second part of the training was attended by 14 representatives from the municipalities of Pljevlja, Rozaje, Petnjica, Kolasin and Zabljak. Trainers were: Mr. Darko Mrvaljevic, head of the Project Management Team in the Municipality of Danilovgrad and Ms. Dijana  Andjelic, engaged for the projects development in the municipality of Pljevlja. Trainers have a certificate for a project design and management trainings, as well as extensive experience in developing and managing projects financed from EU funds.
The training program was adapted to the participants needs so the training covered every phase of the project cycle. Participants were divided into three working groups on the topics: tourism, infrastructure and environment. After each presentation, participants have worked in groups and done practical exercises for each phase of the project.
During the training first part participants had the opportunity to familiarize with the initial phases of project development: defining the problem, analysis of the legal framework, definition of the problem tree, identification and stakeholders involvement. Within the logical framework matrix design, the participants learned how to define the general and specific objectives, which were the expected results of the project and activities to achieve the objective of the project.
Within the training second part logical framework matrix was detailed presented trough external conditions that affect the project activities implementation. Trough practical exercises participants had defined indicators of implemented activities and their sources of verification. Trainers have reminded that municipalities have to be registered in PADOR (Potential Applicant Data On-Line Registration) – online database used by European Commission for evaluating municipal financial capacity criteria for municipalities that participate in calls for proposals. Participants have familiarized with the application form completing methodology, individually through each item, with special emphasis on project budget.
Within each exercise, trainers provided instructions and practical examples of projects carried out in their municipalities, particularly stressing problems they have faced in the project development process and gave precise clarification to the participant questions.
On the end, available EU funds from IPA II 2014-2020 were presented.
In the evaluation form participants have assessed the training as a high quality and useful for future work. They emphasized that training has significantly contributed to the advancement of their knowledge in this area. Participants praised the professionalism, preparedness and commitment of trainers, as well as the Union of Municipalities for good organization of training and readiness to respond to the municipal needs.
Participants will gain certificates of training attendance on the topic “Development and Management of the Projects”. All training materials will be provided to participants.

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