Call for Proposal for Best Practice in a Local Government 2012

The Union of Municipalities of Montenegro made a call for proposal to all local self-government units o 29 June 2012 to participate in the Program “Best Practice in a Local Government”.

The Best Practice Program has been implemented for five years consequently by the Union of Municipalities in cooperation with the OSCE Mission and the Ministry of the Interior. The main goal of this program is to identify, publicly reward and share best practices among local communities in Montenegro.

Applications for the Award and Status of the Best Practice can be submitted for following four thematic sectors:

  1. “Cultural heritage as an incentive for development of tourism and local community”;
  2. Rural development as an incentive for local community’s development“;
  3. “Collection of local public revenues”;
  4. Public-private partnership“.

Brochure Best Practice 2012 (.pdf available in Montenegrin)