Available Funds for Municipal Projects

The process of joining the Western Balkans to the EU is in full swing. At the time when we prepare this, we hope for you a useful manual, Montenegro is expected to be granted with the EU candidate status.

From that point, Montenegro, and thus the local self-government, will open another, larger door that will provide excellent opportunities for using substantial financial resources for projects that meet stringent EU standards.

We think that the first step towards these funds is the most important one, and it is complete information and a clear commitment to participate in these programs, which will not be shaken by the possible mistakes that might happen to us as beginners in this process.

The main reason why the Union of Municipalities of Montenegro the drafts this manual is to provide enough information to make you interested for the European aid programs, what and which of them can be useful, or for the place where you can search for financial and other support to implement your ideas and projects.

When developing the manual, we used the information we have collected searching web-sites with the EU mark, and our sources of information within the web-site of the Ministry for European Integration of Montenegro and neighboring countries.

As usual, we had generous assistance of the OSCE Office in Podgorica throughout the whole process and we are sincerely grateful for that.

The purpose of our guide is to provide a review of information that are otherwise scattered across web-sites of various General Directorates of the European Commission (DGs). If using our guide to find specific, you find interesting programs, and then access the specified web-pages, you will find on them more details about these programs and calls for tenders. You will find that the procedures of these programs vary greatly among DGs. It is possible to find on the web-sites of some DG examples of types of projects for which funds are approved.

This Publication is beginning and all information will be updated regularly at the Union’s web-site www.uom.me.

Available Funds for Municipal Projects (PDF Document available in Montenegrin)