Best Practices Program in Local Self-Government 2010

This year, the Union of Municipalities continues with Best Practices Program in Local Self-Government. The main goal of this program is to identify, publicly reward and share best practices among local communities in Montenegro.

The problems faced by local self-governments in Montenegro are large, and their resolution and successful decentralization is a long process. Therefore, the Union of Municipalities through its activities and collection of examples of good practices in local self-government wants to encourage its members to a permanent exchange of experiences. We want to contribute to a more efficient work of local administrations, by providing an opportunity to learn from each other, and thus take over solutions to which a certain community has come, and which are proved to be successful.

In order to implement these activities, we implement the project “Best Practices Program in Local Self-Government”, with the support of the OSCE. The program is implemented with the full support of the Ministry of Interior and Public Administration. The third year of implementation of this project shows that our members support such actions and consider them useful, which is confirmed by the large number of applications in previous competitions for the selection of best practice in local self-government.

The program motivates. It is an opportunity for municipalities and their citizens to show they work in an innovative way. It enables local employees in local self-government to, striving for the best, constantly contribute to raising the quality of local self-government performance and thus become ambassadors of their municipalities.

By working together, we will have in one place a number of examples of best practices of local authorities, which encourage, and motivate, and contribute to the overall modernization of local self-government in Montenegro.

Best Practices Program in Local Self-Government 2010 (PDF document available in Montenegrin)

Here you can download Application Form (Word document available in Montenegrin)