Environment and energy efficiency in the focus of the meeting of the Joint Consultative Committee between the EU Committee of the Regions and Montenegro

zso-15-09-2016The 7th meeting of the Joint Consultative Committee between the EU Committee of the Regions and Montenegro was held in Bar on 15th September 2016.
On behalf of the host, Mr. Zoran Srzentic, Mayor of the Municipality of Bar, welcomed the participants, highlighting the importance of the topics for local governments.
The meeting was opened by the co-chairman Mr.Aleksandar Bogdanovic, Mayor of Old Royal Capital Cetinje and President of the Executive Board of the Union of Municipalities and by Mr.Hugh McGrath, a member of the Council of District Triperi, Ireland.
Addressing the meeting, chairman Mr.Aleksandar Bogdanovic has emphasized the topics of the meeting, stressing that “the local government, as an integral part of the system of public administration, certainly represents an important link in the chain of actors who are expecting big moves and changes that will contribute to meeting the conditions for joining the European Union. Local governments in this field is expected a lot of work. It is important that employees in local government have timely and detailed information on the policies of the EU, its regulations, standards, as well as the necessary reforms to be effectively implemented in the coming period.”
Introductory speeches also had Mr.Miodrag Radovic, Acting Director of the Directorate for European Integration and Plamena Halaceva, head of the Department of Political Affairs at the EU Delegation to Montenegro.
In the context of discussion on solid waste management at the local level, Ms.Daliborka Pejovic, State Secretary of the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, pointed out that a healthy environment has become a priority for the management of local governments in Montenegro, as a key factor for ensuring the quality of life of citizens. She pointed out that the requirements of Chapter on Environment especially moderate to solve the problem of landfills at the local level. She also called on the EU representatives to consider carefully the issue of the environment for each country individually, taking into account the specificities of each of them, although environmental problems must be addressed at the regional level.
Co-Chairman Mr.McGrath stressed the need of joint action of all cities and municipalities in Europe to ensure preventive action to reduce waste production. To answer this challenge, cities and municipalities must receive adequate support from the EU funds.
The JCC members have presented examples of good practice in addressing the challenges in the environmental field as well as examples of the energy efficiency measures in public buildings and in the housing sector, which are followed by a discussion.
img_3593During the meeting presentation had Mr.Borivoje Bonic, President of the Association of municipal enterprises of Montenegro, Mr.Srdjan Mugosa, Director of Climate Change and Ms.Lazarela Kalezic, assistant Secretary for spatial planning and environment of the Capital city of Podgorica.
Active participation in the meeting they had and the JCC members from the Montenegrin side Mr.Veselin Grbovic, Mayor of the Municipality of Niksic and Mr.Mirko Đacic, Mayor of the Municipality of Pljevlja.
The next meeting of the JCC will be held in spring 2016.