To continue the dialogue in local communities

NATO sastanak“A recently received invitation for NATO membership is a great success of Montenegro and confirmation of responsible operation of all segments of society at both national and local level, as well as in the field of international cooperation” – rated Mr.Aleksandar Bogdanovic, president of the Union of Municipalities` Executive Board during the meeting on 11 December 2015, organized by the Government Communications team for NATO membership with the Union of Municipalities of Montenegro. Topic of the meeting was a review of the implemented activities of the Communication Team and the suggestions and proposals for further public action in the pre-accession period of membership in NATO.

,, Pre-accession period ahead of us should be used for further affirmation of dialogue on NATO, in order to further inform those citizens who still have a dilemma about what actually membership in NATO means for Montenegro ” – said in his welcome speech Mr.Vesko Garcevic, National Coordinator for NATO membership.

It was agreed that cooperation between the Communication Team and the Union of Municipalities has been very successful and meaningful. At the same time both sides expressed readiness for further joint action through the implementation of agreed conclusions relating to determination of the contact person in front of each municipality for future communication with KT for NATO, for the purpose of adopting and implementing the Action Plan of joint action. It is also commendable assessed the fact that the Communication team through the various events in the past appeared in all municipalities in Montenegro, regardless they are at the forefront of their presidents from the parties that are in power or in opposition to the state level. In this context, Mr.Dragutin Joksimovic, Deputy Mayor of municipality  of Berane expressed the view that all agreed actions make sense only if a decision on NATO membership should be adopted in a referendum, and not by the Parliament of Montenegro. These meetings are possibility to hear different opinions and just one more proof of the Communication Team`s openness and non-selective approach to choosing the participants, as well as confirmation of desire to reach a continued dialogue on the importance of accession to NATO.