Manual for Preparation of Terms of References for the Preparation of a Local Spatial Planning Document

Prirucnik za izradu programskog zadatkaThe Manual is prepared by the Union of Municipalities of Montenegro with the support of the OSCE Mission in Montenegro, designed by the Union of Municipalities Working group, composed of local government representatives, business sector, which is developing planning documents and reports on strategic assessment of environmental impact and NGOs which focus is on issues of spatial planning and environment.

The Manual outlined the general principles related to the content of the Terms of Reference, providing a clear picture on how to write Terms of Reference in efficient and effective manner. The Terms of Reference is a document that defines the tasks that should be performed in the procedure of the development of the planning document.

The manual aims to provide support in capacity building of competent authority of local government to formulate needs that have to be implemented to create a local development policy and public interest protection through spatial planning.

Using this Handbook is not mandatory. The document was written with the intention to assist local civil servants who are responsible for the preparation of terms of reference for preparation of the planning document, in order to provide the necessary knowledge and guidance to local civil servants for extremely complex work such as preparing the Terms of Reference, which requires a multidisciplinary approach and synergy of many holders of public authorities both at local and national level.

Manual for Terms of references.mne (PDF)