Awarding Ceremony for the Best Practices in Local Government in Montenegro 2015

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Awarding Ceremony for the Best Practices in Local Government in Montenegro 2015 was organized on 28th December 2015 in Podgorica. The Program has been implemented for 8 years by the Union of Municipalities of Montenegro in the partnership with the Ministry of the Interior and with the support of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe – OSCE Mission to Montenegro.

In the introductory part of the ceremony, the participants were welcomed by: Mr.Aleksandar Bogdanovic, president of the Union of Municipalities’ Executive Board and Mayor of Old Royal Capital Cetinje; Mr.Dan Redford, Deputy Head of the OSCE Mission in Montenegro and Ms.Dragana Ranitovic, Director General of the Directorate General of Public Administration and Local Government in Ministry of Interior.

The speakers agreed that the best practices program gives an opportunity to all local governments to demonstrate their examples of good practice and to present innovative solutions in the delivery of services whose quality of life is largely determined by the quality level of services provided by local authorities. It was stressed that representatives of local governments, in occasional meetings and celebrations, emphasized that prestigious award serve to legitimize the quality of work and innovation in the provision of various services to the citizens.

“Local governments in Montenegro properly identify the objectives of the program, which surely become an integral part of the development process at the local level, contributing to raise the standards of local governments to provide services, promote innovation and modernization of work, and the creation of a strong civil society through the promotion of capable and responsible local government, “said Mr.Aleksandar Bogdanovic, president of the Union of Municipalities’ Executive Board.

The Decision on the selection of best practices in local government in Montenegro in 2015, on behalf of the Selection Panel, presented by Ms.Svetlana Vukovic, Director of Human Resources Management Authority.

Representatives of the awarded local governments presented practices:
The practice of municipality of Zabljak – “A host attitude toward sustainable finances of municipality Zabljak“, was presented by Ms.Jelena Bojovic.

The practice of the municipality of Berane, which was awarded by the special award, entitled “The introduction of the accrual basis of keeping budget accounting and the establishment of an internal controller for monitoring concluded contracts on public procurement”, was presented by Mr.Svetomir Akovic.

The practice of the municipality of Budva“Human resources management at the local level through the conduct of electronic human resource records”, was presented by Ms.Tanja Kazanegra.
The practice of municipalitiy of Petnjica“Establishment of institutional models to better inform and cooperation of immigrants – citizens and the municipality of Petnjica” ,presented by Mr.Ismet Latic.
The practice of municipality of Bijelo Polje“Economic empowered women = economically empowered society”, presented the Ms.Almasa Rizvanovic.
The practice of the municipality of Berane“Establishment of the Secretariat for Sports, Culture, Youth and cooperation with NGOs and the establishment of the Youth Council of the municipality of Berane“, was presented by Mr.Zoran Jojic.
After the presentation, representatives of local government units that have received an award for best practices and an appropriate plaques and awards.