The nineteenth issue of the Bulletin “Our Union”

Pages from Bilten ZOCG 19

The 19th issue of the Union’s Bulletin “Our Union” is published.
The Bulletin includes an interview that the editorial board had with Mr.Orhan Sahmanovic, Mayor of the municipality of Plav, and the most important information from meetings of the Union’s bodies (the Assembly and the Executive Board) which, among other things, established the basic guidelines for the planned activities of the national association of local governments in Montenegro in the current year. The Bulletin presents the recently adopted Strategy for the professional development of local civil servants and emploees with the Action Plan for its implementation, and an overview of joint activities aimed at consolidation of local public finances. A special attention in the Bulletin is given to the activities that local governments should take in order to higher implementation of the Amending Law on Property Tax and the Law on Communal Police.
Representatives of the Union of Municipalities participated in the joint session of the Committee for European Integration and the Committee on Economy, Budget and Finance of the Parliament of Montenegro, and this information has taken a special place in this Bulletin’s issue because of its specific importance. Bulletin informs about numerous national and international conferences and sessions which was attended by representatives of association’s of local governments in Montenegro, where they discussed the issues of interest for the development of local government, such as public integrity at the local level; energy efficiency in the municipal associations; energy development at the local level, etc. The participation of the Union’s representatives on spring session of the Council of Europe Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the held in Strasbourg (France) and the Annual Forum of Local Authorities in South East Europe held in Plovdiv (Bulgaria) is especially presented. Also, Bulletin gives the basic information on Instrument Pre-Accession Assistance for the period 2014-2020 – IPA II. Bulletin contains a brief overview of the Network of municipal project managers’ meetings organized by the Union of Municipalities during the last three months.
By continuing the practice of presenting the most important activities in the local governments, this “Our Union” issue contains information from 13 local government units, which demonstrates the Union of Municipalities’ fully commitment to the most important events in the municipalities in Montenegro.