Towards the implementation of the Amending Law on Property Tax

foto Zakon o porezu na nepokretnost 23.04.2015..On May 4 2015 Union of Municipalities held the meeting with secretaries and directors of local authorities for public revenues, which discussed on activities towards the implementation of the Amending Law on Property Tax.

Union of Municipalities of Montenegro entrusted the Working Group to make a plan of action in order to create the conditions for the implementation of new Law on Property Tax, which implementation will start since January 1st 2016.

It was agreed that the Union of Municipalities Secretariat should organize a special meeting with the Tax Administration, regarding issues involving the use of a database of real property and to agree about cooperation with the local tax authorities.

The Union of Municipalities representatives have agreed that the Committee for financing local governments should prepare decisions harmonized to the Law, as assistance to the municipalities.

The Secretary General of the Union of Municipalities Mr.Refik Bojadzic stressed that the local government units did not utilized all possibilities and mechanisms to perform more efficient collection of local revenues, especially on the basis of real estate taxes collection.

“And in this regard there are no analytical data about the possibilities that are not sufficiently exploited, particularly in the land development taxes collection, illegally built structures and taxation of facilities that are in the zone of priority tourist location,” he explained.

Mr.Bojadzic said that municipalities need to intensify activities and contribute to more efficient implementation of government tax policy at the local level.

Commenting on the particular issues raised by the local governments representatives, Mr.Novo Radovic Director of the Directorate for Tax and Customs System,  emphasized that the legislative solutions in the area of tax policy are significantly improved, which will provide higher revenues to local governments and better tools for revenue collection by using the mechanisms provided by the Law on Tax Administration.