The 18th issue of the Union’s Bulletin “Our Union

Bilten 18.pdf_page_1The 18th issue of the Union’s Bulletin “Our Union” is published. The bulletin focus was on activities in the field of local government financing, and in this light the Proposed measures for overcoming the local government financial problems established by the Union`s Executive Board were presented. The Proposed measures were discussed at the meetings of the Uonion`s bodies as well as at the the meetings held with the relevant ministries on this topic. The amendments on the Bill Amemnding Law on Property Tax were presented in order to create the legal preconditions for a sustainable system of property tax administation, prepared by the Union`s Committee on Local Government Financing and has submitted for consideration to the relevant parliamentary Committee for Economy, Finance and Budget.

The municipal`s and the Union`s positions are presented in order to “defense” land development fee as the exclusive source of income for land policies managing at the local level and to introduce new revenue to finance joint consumption communal services through the adoption of the new Law on Communal Services, and to ensure the flow of funds from the legalization of informal buildings fees by adopting the Law on Legalization of Informal Buildings, as well as to establish a “Revolving” Fund for pre-financing of EU projects.

The Union`s new leadership was presented, and the Mayor of the Capital City Mr. Slavoljub Stijepovic in an interview pointed out the development perspectives of Podgorica. Special attention is paid to the development and management of projects and the Network of Municipal Project Managers. The Union participation in the Council for Improvement of the Business Environment, Regulatory and Structural Reforms, then Best Practice in Local Government 2014study visits to Brussels within the LAF Program, a workshop on “Spatial Development and Construction of Buildings in the Local Self-Government” were presented.

A Union`s request to the Government of of Montenegro to ensure respect for the right of municipalities to declare in the drafting of laws and other regulations which are of importance for the local government functioning is presented. The current events and news in the municipalities were also presented.

Bulletin 18 (PDF Document available in Montenegrin)