Trainings on “Development of Integrity Plans”

Three trainings on “Development of Integrity Plans” were organized by the Union of Municipalities and the Human Resource Management Authority on 10 April in Bar  for municipalities of the Southern Region, on 16 April in Bijelo Polje for municipalities of the Northern Region and on 18 April in Podgorica for municipalities of the Central Region. Realization of these trainings is foreseen by the Training Plan for March-July 2013 that was adopted by the National Training Council for Local Government.

Municipal leadership and local civil servants and employees who will be in charge for the preparation of the Integrity Plans of Institutions were targeted group. The trainings were passed by 44 attendees.

Main goals of the trainings were to present legal basis for the integrity establishment and international standards, to point out at the multiply importance and role of the integrity in the performance of professional duties for every individual (the personal integrity), for profession (the professional integrity) and for an institution (the institutional integrity). Discussions were raised on following issues: how to establish basic principles for the integrity improvement, how to animate staff to be directly involved and to give contribution in the process of the preparation and implementation of the Integrity Plans.

Lecturers were Mrs. Vesna Ratković, Director of the Directorate for Anti-Corruption Initiative and Mr. Mladen Tomović, adviser in the Directorate.