National Training Council was summoned for the 8th time

4 October 2012 – 8th session of the National Training Council for Local Self-Government (NTC) was held in Podgorica in the premises of the Human Resource Management Authority (HRMA).

The NTC adopted Training Plan for Local Self-Government for October-December 2012. The Plan foresees following trainings for local governments’ staff: Towards a new Law on State Civil Servants and Employees; Assessment of public civil servants and employees; Prohibition of discrimination; and Project preparation and management.

Training topics were agreed based on inputs from Questionnaires fulfilled by local self-government units and based on topical issues for local self-government. Trainings will be deliver in Podgorica, Bar and Bijelo Polje.

The NTC took a stand that training should be organized on other topics if municipalities show interest. The NTC have opinion that venue of trainings should be adapted to shown needs and financial potential of municipalities.

The Training Plan should be delivered until the end of December by the HRMA and the Union of Municipalities.