Peer Team Visited the Municipality of Mojkovac

The Union of Municipalities implements the Program of “Leadership Development in Local Government” in 2011 with the support of the OSCE.

The Program implementation started with a visit of the Peer Team of the Union of Municipalities to theMunicipalityofMojkovacfrom 1-4 November. The Peer Team was consisted of: President of Municipal Assembly of Bijelo Polje Mr. Refik Bojadžić, Assistant to Secretary General of the Union of Municipalities Mrs. Ljubinka Radulović, Chief Administrator of theMunicipalityofTivat Mrs. Jovanka Laličić, Chief Administrator of the Municipality of Žabljak Mr. Milika Ostojić, independent adviser in the Service of the Municipal Assembly of Berane Mrs. Dubravka Jovančević and independent adviser in the Ministry of Interior – Sector for Local Self-Government Mrs. Sanja Maslenjak.

The Peer Team interviewed the Mayor of Mojkovac Mr. Dejan Medojević, President of Municipal Assembly Mr. Slavenko Blažević, heads of local administration bodies and services, heads of councilors’ clubs and political leaders who participated in the local authority, local civil servants and employees, representatives of public services founded by the Municipality or State and representatives of private and civil sectors.

At the end of the visit, the Peer Team presented interim results of the visit to the municipal leadership. A final assessment of the Peer Team will be given in the Report which will be submitted to the Mayor.