Peer Team Visit to Municipality of Danilovgrad

Program “Leadership Development in a Local Self-Government” has been realized by the Union of Municipalities with the support from the OSCE in this year. It was conducted in the Municipality of Danilovgrad from 13-17. December 2010.

The Program was implemented by the Peer Team in the composition: Mr. Veselin Bakić, Mayor of Andrijevica and President of the Assembly of the Union of Municipalities as the leader of the Peer Team; Mr. Zdravko Gvozdenović, Vice-Mayor of Bar, a member; Mrs. Jovanka Laličić, advisor to the Mayor of Tivat, a member; Mrs. Svetlana Gažević, Secretary of the Municipal Assembly of Bar, a member; Mr. Milika Ostojić, Chief Administrator of the Municipality of Žabljak, a member; Mrs. Sanja Maslenjak, senior advisor in MIPA – Department of Local Self-Government, an associate member and Mrs. Ljubinka Radulović, Assistant of the Secretary General of the Union of Municipalities, the review manager.

Agenda of the visit was organized well, and the Peer Team received full support from the municipal leadership while it was implementing planned activities during the visit.

At the end of the visit on December 17th, the Team made a presentation for the participants in the Program and it announced its first reviews against the Leadership Benchmark in a Local Self-Government in Montenegro. On that occasion, the Team received the answer that visit came in right time and that all good sides of the municipal performance has been highlighted. Participants expressed willingness to launch appropriate initiatives and actions to implement the recommendations and to achieve the highest standards in accordance with the Benchmark.

In accordance with the rules for the implementation of the Program, the Peer Tem will prepare written report and deliver it to the Mayor.